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Cinderella Solution Review

Cinderella Solution is every woman’s solution to combating the major decrease in metabolism that occurs after puberty. New studies have shown that women go through a major hormonal transition between puberty and menopause that makes it difficult to lose weight and to maintain a healthy figure, as it diminishes your metabolism. This program teaches you how to reactivate your female fat loss code to boost your metabolism and to start burning off excessive weight. And don’t worry, ladies. It isn’t a fad diet or some other weight loss nonsense, such as a fancy cream or ancient chants; there’s no need to count calories, run on a treadmill or restrict your diet to all extremes either. Instead, the entire system is 100% safe and natural and focuses on getting a specific series of exercises and nutrition into your day that reactivates your metabolism. So, if you’re looking for your own Cinderella Solution, here’s what you can expect from this program.

What is Cinderella Solution?

Put down the weight loss pills, forget the invasive surgeries, fancy creams and expensive modern-day fad diets. They never seem to work anyway.

The Cinderella Solution is an online four-phase weight loss system designed exclusively for women over 25, and it’s based on new research that shows that the hormonal transition women go through during puberty and up to menopause basically destroys the female metabolism, making it near impossible to lose weight or to maintain a healthy figure. Throughout the system, you learn a unique two-step ritual (specific series of exercises and a proper diet) that reactivates your metabolism to help you start burning fat fairly effortlessly. And no ladies, this isn’t some calorie counting system or strict diet that only allows you to eat vegetables. It’s 100% safe and natural, realistic and plausible for every woman out there. It only requires you to do specific exercises and to get specific nutrition into your day to reactivate your metabolism. Yes, it’s that simple. All of the hard work is done for you, and all you have to do is follow through the meal plan, cook up the recipes, do the workout videos, and complete the 14-day plan that is provided to you.

I’ll dive into the details in just a moment but first, here’s a look at what you receive when you get started:

  1. Main Manual
  2. Quick Start Guide
  3. Recipe Playbook
  4. Guilt-free Dessert Guide
  5. Video Exercise Guide (includes all the exercises of the program)

The main manual is where you’ll find the four phases that you work through which includes:

  • Part One: The Program Explained
  • Part Two: Using Your ‘Daily Nutrition Blueprint Book’
  • Part Three: Using Your Movement-Sequencing Exercise Guide
  • Part Four: Top 10 Flavor Pairs and Weight Loss Combinations
Just from that list alone, you can see that your diet and physical activity is addressed which is key since weight loss experts say that there needs to be a combination of the two to lose sustainable weight.
Now, the really neat thing is that you receive immediate access to the system as soon as you purchase. You just access the customer page and download the content right into your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet – the choice is yours. If you don’t want to download it (you should and I’ll explain why in a moment), you can access the program online. However, I do recommend downloading everything as it ensures you have what you need to boost your metabolism and to counteract the effects of the hormonal transition whenever and wherever you go. It also allows you to read the program at your leisure, change up the location of your workouts, and you never have to worry about getting to the grocery store only to realize that you forgot to write down what you need to cook up the recipes. Having the system in digital format just makes the Cinderella Solution even easier and more convenient to complete than it already is.

Not only that but you also get a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. So, if you’re not sure as to whether eating a proper diet and doing a specific series of exercises to boost your metabolism is for you, you have ample time to test it out.

Who is the Author of Cinderella Solution?

Carly Donovan is the genius behind Cinderella Solution. You may not recognize her name and that’s actually a good thing. Unlike many other programs, Carly is a real person just like you and I. It’s not some fake name or fake person. She is relatable and, well, she says it best… “I’m not some TV Doctor or self-proclaimed guru and I work for no one, other than the women like you for whom I live to serve. That woman in the mirror was me…This is MY Story. And this is YOUR Solution.”

Advantages of the Cinderella Solution

✔️ Easy to follow– The Cinderella Solution program is easy to incorporate into your daily lives. You don’t have to undergo rigorous exercise regimes and tough diets. Just follow the meal plan and easy workout plan to shed the weight.

✔️ Works for everyone– The best feature of this program is that it works for all overweight women. You don’t have to meet any strict requirements to follow this program.

✔️ Scientific– The Cinderella Solution has scientific evidence and the contents in the book are based on medical research.

What does Cinderella Solution Include?

The Cinderella Program can change your health for the better. Just by following the instructions, you will experience a body fit like never before. The product includes the following:

  1. Main Manual– The main manual has information about the scientific reasons behind weight loss. By reading the manual you will also know how hormones play a vital role in your weight loss journey.
  2. Cinderella University Book- This book will explain to you the reasons behind weight gain and culprits that lead to obesity.
  3. Quick Start Guide– If you don’t wish to read the entire manual, then this is a cheat sheet for you. You can skip the manual and refer to the quick start guide to start your weight loss journey quickly.


  1. Movement Sequencing Guide– This is the workout guide. You have optional workout plans in this guide. This will help you to have a better idea of the importance of workout in this weight loss program.
  2. Daily Nutritional Blueprint- As a bonus for all the women opting for the Cinderella Solution, the author, Carly Donovan provides the Bonus Blueprint. This has all the steps that the author herself took on the path to losing 84 pounds. This can be a great piece of inspiration for all the women who may think that healthy weight loss is difficult.

Cinderella Solution Bonus

60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

On the top of that , Your purchase of The Cinderella Solution will be covered with a full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason at all you want to get your money back, you will get it within 24 hours from the moment you send me the request. So you have nothing to lose here.


Every woman wants to have the perfect body and look fit. However, in the quest to lose weight, you often fall prey to unhealthy means. In a world of false promises, the Cinderella Solution stands true to its claims. This program not only helps you to lose weight but also solves many of your health problems.

Just by following a simple meal plan and a workout guide, you can lose weight the healthy way. And the best part is that it is woman-specific, and can be followed by any woman from 20 to 80 years old.

This program is exactly what women need to get a fit body and great health. No side effects, and no hardcore exercises, just simple meals and easy workouts. That is the secret of the Cinderella Solution.

*Disclaimer: You should not use this information as a substitute for help from a licensed professional. Individual results may vary.

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